Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1, 2014 Curse of the Killer Tacos (and that's no April fool's joke)

Well as you can probably tell from the title this week is going to have a good story... let me take you back to a date.. a week ago exactly...(fade into the imagination)

It all started last tuesday i had my first district class with my new district and it went pretty well. After the class we went in splits i went with the new elder elder Easter ironic for the time of year. and he came to my area. we looked for people to teach all day and after finding a new investigator that lives in a ridiculously cool house with lots of cool art inside. we couldnt find anyone to teach. it was really lame so i asked him if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. he replied well yes of course but only if we can go get tacos. this was probably one of the best responses i have heard and so we journeyed off in search of tacos. there arent any in my new area so we went to get some in san juanico my old area and right across the street from the rio de los remedios we found those delectable delicious tacos. 1 for 5 pesos. so we started things off with 3 tacos al pastor. they were unreal. and in the end i ate 10 and he ate 7 it was a decent effort and we were content with our food. and after that we journeyed home and had a great night talking about our families and the changes to mission life all that good stuff.

wednesday was a good normal day. i changed back my companion and we worked a little bit that day i taught a lesson where we burn matches to someone who is alergic to matches. mistake. and we had a good night. worked decently got doors slammed on us all that fun stuff.

thursday. well i woke up this morning and we had an invitation to go get breakfast with la hna solano. and right when we got there i felt a little wierd in my stomach but i thought oh well thats normal. then i get this call from preciado and easter and what do i hear elder easter has been throwing up all morning and cant move from his bed. oh bother. so i ran over to there house and checked it out. We callled the hno solano to take us to the hospital to get him checked out. he was really in bad shape. so we got to the hospital very quickly. i felt like i was  in a nascar race. when we got there they took him in to examine him and to make a 3 hour wait short. they told him his appendix was bad and that he needed to stay the night. so we left preciado and easter there and went back to go eat our lunch with one of the hermanas and i only ate the bowl of soup. i told her i wasnt feeling well and so we went to the house so that i could rest and try and get my fever down. i tried to take a nap for one hour and didnt sleep a wink. the whole time my fever was going up so i called hna anaya and asked if i could go get it checked out. she said yes of course come to the temple and ask the doctors here. well they looked me over real fast and said i had an infection in my throat and that was why i was having a fever. that night i slept like a baby and by that i mean i woke up at about 2 in the morning making all sorts of noise. it was the best. i threw up at like 3 30 and i was just lovin life. my great companion elder gomez was helping me out the best he could but i was payin it. i fell asleep againg at 4 30 and slept until 630 and called hna anaya and she told me i could sleep a little more to try and get better. at this same time my friend Elder Easter was in surgery to get his appendix removed. we called and asked how they were. doing and they said he was alright. but he had to stay one more night. that afternoon i just kept getting more and more sick so i went to get it checked out in the hospital. i was worried the tacos got me to. i had some blood tests taken and the doctor told me  i was fine i only had gastroenteritis so as long as i take medicine for the next two weeks i should be fine. after all my testing was done we went and talked to a slightly druged elder easter to ask him how he was. then we went back home.

saturday. elder easter got released at around 11 and he and elder preciado met us up at the pharmacy to buy some drugs for the next weeks. and then i got left to take care of elder easter while the two not sick elders went and worked. well we gave easter the drugs we were supposed to and were resting and then he got super bad stomache pains. it was really bad so we took him back to the hospital and i stayed with him in the hospital over night. we got to the room at 1:30 and  i had to wait until two to take my drugs. it was quite an exciting day but all ended well with me sleeping on the couch in the hospital room.

sunday well we sat in the hospital all day talk about super fun time... i was bored out of my mind. and i had to walk with elder easter all day. 30 min walking and 15 rest and thats how we had to run the whole day. president came by and gave us sacrament and talked with us for a little bit. and then my district came and visited us in the night.

monday yesterday we got released from the hospital and went to the solanos house. elder easter wasnt doing great. so we just stayed there all day and i got permission to write today so i hope you are all having a great week i sure had a good one it was filled with hospital visits and now im in splits with elder easter for a few mor days. things are fine. i want to go work because i feel like i just had a week without doing anything. but with paciencia i will be fine. only a few more days get elder easter back to health i hope! and that was my super fun week! dont worry im doing fine my area will be too when i can get to work i love you guys so much and hope you have a great week and i want you to remember that if they are cooking tacos across the street from a river that is blacker than the nike sign on a white sock. you probably shouldnt eat them they could kill you...;) with lots of love elder Jenson

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