Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014

well i really hope that you guys will have  a better week and im the only one who is allowed to get sick...but this just was one of those weeks. i know there is definitely an up and a down side to opening an area. this week has i didnt sleep well all week.. partly because i did divisions with my zone leaders and an elder in my district and they had a lot to say. so we talked alot and everything was pretty well. right now life is pretty hectic as a missionary but let me give you the down low.

tuesday i had district class and it was great we all had a good day and i finally got to work in my area. it was alright i found one person to teach.

wednesday. it was just one of those days where nothing good happened. our zone leaders called us and asked if i could go stay with one of them that was sick and my companion went to the visitors center with the other zl. it was alright other than we couldnt work in our area because we didnt have any fixed appointments. so they just worked over there. i hung out in the house and we talked for a good while. and in the end stayed the night.

thursday. i got to go back with my companion we changed right before the food.  after food we went to go and try and work a little in my area and once again one lesson. its been a struggle to teach people. we find people fine and we put appointments and then they just arent home or they are and wont open the door. oh what a life. ;)

friday i went in divisions with an elder from argentina he is a great little guy he is the oldest missionary in the mission right now and he is great we had a good time talking about his home how things are going with his companion and all that good stuff. and in the night i made some bomb hamburgers if i do say so myself. we also played chess and connect four and lets just say my connect four skills are still there you better practice dad...

satuday i changed back to my great companion and everything was pretty great i guess i mean we ate tacos that were super  good for lunch and i didnt get sick. which was great. then i went back to looking for houses of less actives and the streets are numbered terribly here. its almost impossible to find the right house.

sunday i had everything fall through yesterday. it was just frustrating to have lessons planned with investigators that we found in the streets and all of them fell though in the night we went to one family's house and they cooked a small dinner for us so i guess that was one little blessing. i have a great companion right now and now i dont teach its kinda frustrating. i just hope we can get people in their houses in this week and find some new people to teach that would be great!
elder jimenez and me after soccer today! with a trophy

monday well today i had a interzone activity and it was great we played soccer for three hours. i didnt play great but we had fun and then my district and i ordered pizza. i am having a great time right now in my mission and its been a little rough the past few weeks in my area but it will be alright i know that everything will work out how it should if i just get out there and work.

i love you all so much and hope that you all know that! keep being awesome and having great attitudes about all this crazy stuff that is happening at home you guys are great!

Y papa ha sido un poco dificil en estas ultimas semanas. mi distrito no quiere ser muy obediente a todas las reglas. tiene ideas que tal vez podrian ayudarme a invitarles a ser obediente.

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