Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 Hard week, but necessary

well Its so great to hear about all the good that is going on down there. you guys are such a good family  and are doing wonderful things!  derek keep up the great work with piano you my friend are amazing!

This week was just one of those weeks. I had divisions tuesday and wednesday and it was ok but i found out that my district had some dificulties. and also elder easter got a stomache infection and i was his compainon for the last 4 days and will finish with him tomorrow when he gets his new companion in the changes meeting.

this week was one of the weeks i think i have learned the most to help my mission. i had some really hard things happen and had to work through a little bit of stress. we had some elders that were being disobedient and i wasnt sure how to handle it. so i called him(mission president) to help me out with the situation that we had, and he handled the situation the best way i could think of. he is an awesome president! i feel alot more confident that he will help me with my problems and that when i have them i need to bring them to him. i feel like all of my burden was lifted yesterday as he gave me advice to help me with my district.

I had some pretty good experiences also this week dont even worry. my companion elder gomez is a great companion and is starting to understand how to work as a missionary. finding people to teach and talking to everyone.. last saturday we had a lesson with a lady that we found contacting in the rain the week before. we showed up and her son and her husband tried to run us off. the husband came out right after the opening prayer and started in on how God doesnt reveal things to man. that we were to insignificant to receive revelation in these times. well it started a little rough but the words came and we were able to explain that jesus was sent here to be a prophet and to save us all and if god love us that much and we really were his children he would give us a guide in all times to help us return to him. in the end he gave us free water from his shop and told us to come back the next week. i think he liked the talk we gave him.

then we had a lesson  planned with a less active family they werent home. so started to leave, and we just said hi to everyone i made the mistake of saying hi to two 17 year old girls and got cat calls all the way down the street and as i turnded to my companion to tell him we should go talk to them and give them a book he got this wicked smile in his face and gave me a head nod so we ran back up and i said well you wanted to talk to us. would you like to know what we talk about? i explained a little about the book of mormon. they accepted to listen to us and we put an appointment with their family for tomorrow. haha

other than that this week was pretty normal i got stuck in the house with elder Easter for 4 days so it was hard to get alot of work in. but he has had a great attitude through everything. and he will be a great missionary.

well thats all this week. tomorrow is changes i will stay here and elder Ioane and Elder preciado will leave my district. its been such a long time together with them that they feel like brothers. but its time we get a little division in our district. thanks for all the encouragement and love from home so lucky to have such a great family. love and lots of it from the mexican missionary elder jenson!
really though im darker than my companion!;)
jacob 6:12 best parenting scripture ever!

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