Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 The 2nd Coming?

Well when i finish with this letter i think you will all understand a little better my choice of title this week. i guess it all started monday night. It turns out there was a lunar eclipse and everone was freaking out about how it was blood red. so just so you know thats how i started the week. monday was also a wonderful day for us in my area. we had a lesson with a new family of investigators. (derek would love the house it has a ton of cool art on the walls.) the mom wants to be baptized and the rest of the family accepted to hear our message. it was such a blessing after the last few weeks of little success.

Tuesday. well lets see we had district class and it was alright. i still need some work on teaching classes in spanish. but after we that we went to work and got rained on hard. it has reained like crazy here for the last week and there has been a ton of lightning and thunder reason number 2 for the title.

wednesday we had interchanges i was with elder preciado in san juanico and it went alright. i hope to vistit a few families but we didnt have time. oh well. asi es la vida.

thursday. well today was a decent day we have to teach a couple young girls in san juanico and so we were over there for the afternoon we also went to visit evelyn and ended up teaching a lesson to just about everyone in her estetica(dad translate porfa) it was pretty cool!

friday was the day of the earthquake. it all started in the morning.... my companion is in his training and part of the training i that we have to watch the PMG videos. so for companionship study we went to our beds and turned on the movies. about 30 minutes into the movies i felt my bed moving and i turned to my companion and asked if we were having an earthquake. but i wasnt saying the word right. in spanish sismo is the word for earthquake and i was saying seismo so for total the duration of the earthquake he was trying to figure out what i was saying. and when he realized what i was saying he said "no" and went back to watching the movies. then we heard all of the reports throughout the day and i just said told ya so;) but really it wasnt very big in my area. i think the most that happened was someone had a picture fall down. it was a cool experience though. then it started raining in the afternoon and my lessons fell through so we went tracting in the rain it was great we met one woman who seemed pretty interested and we taught her a lesson we will visit her this saturday.!

saturday. well we had an activity with the primary and they asked if we could come and help them. mistake number one... then we got a messaje from the primary president that asked if we would please bring normal clothes so the little kids could squirt us with there squirt guns. we said yes... mistake number 2,,, then we got there and saw they were filling a swiming pool for the little kids. we didnt think much of it and stayed. and last of all after we finished with the activity we stayed waiting for the food they told us they would give us and the water fight began... it was a world war three of water and once two of the missionaries got wet all of them did. it was a bad deal i got soaked by little kids missionaries and adults a like. but it was pretty funny and it turned out to be a great activity.

sunday. it was a decent day other than i was sick. i feel like kolie pokie lately. we got to teach the members about pmg and it was an awesome class. then i had a few lessons ;) but i was dying. ha ha and we ran out of toilet paper in the morning.... it was a tragedy......

well that was my week. i loved every second of this week other than sunday at 4 in the morning it was a rough time... haha ... but i hope you guys will keep having a great time cant wait to talk to you in a few weeks.

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