Monday, September 15, 2014

Sept. 15, 2014

haha well im glad that that you guys are doing great and im happy to hear about the football teams hopefully byu doesnt mess things up! haha i couldnt help but think about football today because we played as a zone. it was really fun adn we even had 2 or three really good other players one of them was a saftey for alta great kid guess i cant judge him for living where he lived... the way thanks for talking to bucky and worrying about me. ive thought about football a little lately and i really am excited to play when i get back. but im guessing i will have to wait until after christmas to know what the plans are so i try not to let it consume my mind so much.

alright now to the good stuff. the stuff you really wanna hear about the great and fantastic week i had!

so this week went just fabulous again. we have been contacting a ton and not just us in caracoles, but the other elders in xalostoc also. we have had a ton of success lately and im so greatful for it. this week we had a few fun stories.

well first off we had the chance to have our zone confrence and it went just great. we learned about contacting new people, and applying teaching meathods from the scriptures. which i think will be huge this next week.

oh yeah tomorrow im going to go and talk for two hours in a rehabilitation center. im really excited and all because my comp told me to go and contact a girl in the street.

we had had a decent week but nothing outstanding until yesterday. so we were walkin down the street yesterday. and my comp told me to go and contact two girls, all of our lessons had fallen and so i walked over and started talking to them about the church a little, and answered the basic questions, what church is it what do you believe in and where i was from. after the basic chat she gave me her direction and told us we could pass by any time but we put an appointment for martes. so after a little while our other appointments fell through and we got to her street so we decided to look for the house. adn as we passed by she called out elder!!! so we went over and she was talking to a neighbor who we started talking to, turns out he runs a drug rehabilitation clinic and he asks if we would like to come and talk about the gospel for a little while on tuesday. so he gave us a two hour slot for tomorrow. im stoked! and after that we contacted like 3 other people that he gave us the reference to contact in the same street. it was awesome!!!

right now i feel so good about the work. its so fun to talk to people about the book of mormon or prophets in these times. especially because i have a really encouraging comp. of course he has down days too, but he never takes away energy i have to contact people. the only down side is that we have to wait over a month to baptize people so it could be a while till we have baptisms but once we get them going im sure we will do just great.

i love you guys so much and i hope you have a great week wish me a happy independence day, i will send pics when i get some new ones love you all tons!!!!

love elder J

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