Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

(Brandon was called to be DL again last transfer)

hahaha well sounds like the lake powell trip was a little rough but im glad you had a good time. you guys are so awesome! im glad to hear you made such a great trip out of a tough situation. and dont give up on here. the other missionaries contacted 23 people last week and three said they would listen in another occacion. i love the scripture that says that our joy will be so great if we can bring but one soul unto christ. it is important to remember that god prepares people for us to share with if we are prepared. and if we dont have much success then we might as well keep preparing;) 

so this week was fantastic. but also a little unorthadox first off the 15th of september. it was so much fun. had so much fun as a district. first off we ate with our mission leader and ate enchiladas verdes. so bomb! probably one of my favorite mexican foods! then came back to the house at like 8 and ate posoli with the sister. and with presidents permission the other elders stayed the night with us because the streets got dangerous after about 9 so we watched the testaments in the sisters house it was a fun night!

so the next day was the 16 de septiembre... also known as national hangover day... it was slim pickins in my divisions with the zls. but its ok that happens every now and then. on the bright side we worked our cans off all day jaja i cant complain.

when we finished the divisiones i worked with my comp and we had a pretty good day. and we found some new people to teach just the normal.

the rest off the week was a little rough with rain filled days but we worked hard and had decent success. i am loving work right now. the highlight of the week was when we taught the restauration to a new investigator named victor. i was in divisions with Elder Ferrin. and we taught pretty sinchronozised for never haveing taught together before. coolest part was when we taught the great apostacy with the lights off. then turned them on in the first vision. the spirit was so strong and the guy knew exactly what he needed to do if he was going to recieve and answer. 

today i saw Elder Lefevere and he is doing great it was fun to get to see the big guy again. its so great to see the changes that go on with a missionary in this time. 

other fun note we have had rubik cube races in my district. and right now i am the champ. derek i bet you cant beat my best time of 1´41" ;) haha everything is going great down in mexico and looking forward to another great week!

I love you all so much. its fun to see all that you are doing. i hope you have a great week! 

Elder Jenson

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