Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept. 8, 2014

Wow sounds like a pretty great week! haha you know whats been on my mind from 10 30 to 6 30 everynight.... i cant wait to get back and play but i still have 10 months dont worry i understand everything in its proper time. i can honestly say that this week was just a week i needed to have first off i got a new comp. his name is Elder Guachalla. the same one that was in my district in Indios verdes. haha we may have been a little excited in the changes meeting. but all that aside. im so happy to have him as my companion and it was just a good call by president.

So tuesday of this week was just great got my new comp and got back to the area. i looked at him and said we dont have a fixed appointment until 8 so were going to go and contact some new investigators. instead of moaning he rose up to the challenge. we headed out the doors of my house with a bunch of pamphlets and smiles joking the whole time. we contacted like 6 people in 2 hours and left with 4 new investigators. i was really excited about the prospects of the rest off the week.

one of the greatest challenges our mission president has given us is to pray "specifically" with faith. so everyday this week we got up and started with a prayer that we would be able to contact 5 people and come out of it with 3 new investigators at the least. and let me tell you i have never contacted so many people in my whole mission in one week. haha one day we contacted 6 people and no one wanted to listen to us. and just as any wonderful day in the mission it poured on us walking from appointment to appointment. haha my comp looked at me and comented " why do we have days like this." so that question lingered with me. we worked hard and prayed with faith so why didnt we have succes? so i just smiled and said" well i think so that we have good stories to tell" asi es. the next day we repeated the prayer and just got to work. we found two new families to teach a total of 8 new people. i know for a fact that it was a blessing for not getting discoureged. ha this week we found 20 new people which was a huge improvement!

Yesterday was a beautiful fast sunday in mexico. and i had the opportunity to bear my testimony about  the plan of salvation. i know that joseph smith was a profet. and the church is true. and the best part is living with our families forever. It amazes me the tranquility that misionaries have being so far from their familes. but the reason for the which i believe is the understanding of this plan that whe gain out here. also this week i had a Capacitacion about sharing the different points of the gospel. somtimes when i contact it is just we teach about jesus and what he taught. and that his church is here in these times. but i tried to focus more on joseph smith, priesthood,and eternal families when i contacted at the end of the week. it was so much fun. 

so im happy with my week i am glad im here. i finally feel why i need to be here and i have the companion i need to do it im grateful for your prayers cause i know that you guys were a little worried after the last little while. but im happy and im ready to go. also in my district i got this new elder named elder farrin. Colby Ferrin, look him up on youtube or in google he has some awesome material.!

love you all so much have a great week work hard and know you are always in my prayers!

elder jenson

Last day con aquino.
 e guachalla.
 con mi corte parezco smart;)
This picture is evidence of why companionships are needed! Missionaries
should never be alone, especially for a selfie!

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