Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sept 29, 2014 Jacob's birthday. great dog story

almost forgot my favorite story of the week but its a little gross. so i went in intercambios with elder Gomez and that kid is crazy he is from the dominican republic but even for their standards he is crazy! anyways we were walking in the street and there was this giant german shepherd in the street dropping a giant doggie treat in the street. i pointed it out to him and he started trying to hold my hand... obviously i responded by pulling my hand away and asking what his problem was. he just said trust me, and so i did and we grabbed pinkies, wierdest moment of my life. before we grabbed pinkies he explained that if we squoze tightly then the dog wouldnt be able to get the poop out anymore. i didnt believe him but it worked the dog walked around squating trying to get the poop out and it couldnt! i couldnt stop laughing. sooooo funny!  then he went on to explain that doing that was illegal in the domincan republic cause it hurts the dogs. definately the wierdest moment of my mission.jaja

haha thats who i thought the bishop would be he is such a great guy. sounds like you are all doing pretty great! and are helping the work of salvation move along just great! i really feel like this was a good week for everyone!

this week was great as have been other weeks. haha a little more stressful but all the same i just loved it! i had the chance go to the visitors center with an investigator this week! our zone leaders told us that our mission president invited our whole mission to bring an investigator to the V.C. with two days of preparation. and we had nobody of our main investigators that accepted our invitation. so we prayed that someone would accept. and we talked with our last hope the day before. She has some dificulties with drugs and is 24 and also told us she thought that missionaries are satanic. so when she said yes we were a little shocked. but i might also add really happy! so we went thursday and when we showed up( after getting lost...) no one was there. all of the sisters were in capacitation so apparently the zls misunderstood the invitation because it was just us. so the missionary couple that helps with the vc told us we could do a tour if we wanted to! it was such a bad tour.... we tried our hardest to give her a lesson about the profets and she kinda stayed with it. then we talked about the book of mormon and living day profets and she kinda lost interest. it was really really bad. then at the end we talked about temples and families forever! it was awesome! and in the end she was kinda excited to learn more. and accepted that if she came to know that the things we taught were true she would be baptized. jaja i know that god touches people´s hearts. the funniest part of the whole trip was when she told us that she was carrying pepperspray just in case we tried to kidnap her....

hmmm what else was good oh yeah we we had our ward confrence this week and it was just great! we had 130 people in church and a couple investigators. one of which was our great neighbor Lupita, since Hna clarita(our dueƱa) had other classes to go to elder Ferrin and I went to relif society. it was honestly the best class i have been in in mexico. half of the women in the room were crying including lupita. and she was so happy she came. including when we got home she told the sister we live with that she felt the spirit really strong and that she loved it! so we were pretty excited about this week as far as work went!

today i hiked the hill in my area with my district and took like 80 pics. i will send you lots tonight! but really it was so great to get above the city and walk in the mountains. the views were amazing and so was the wild life. i walked right into a spider web.. remember the garden spiders that are huge back home? well these are like twice as big and i almost kissed one of them.. i may have let out a girly shreek and ran away but im still  alive dont worry;) i thought so much of utah up in the mountains hiking. cant wait to do that when i get home!

so i guess i cant complain much i loved this week and am having a great time!
hope you all have a great week! love you all so  much!
elder jenson

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