Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec 29, 2014

well hey there fam... first off can i say how great it was to talk to you all in christmas. its good to "see" not just "feel" the love from home. so just so all are aware about 5 months ago i woulda worked you all in chess yes derek you too. jaja ok maybe. one of my comps was teaching me and he took like 2nd in a natinal touney. i beat him twice and we wont even ask what the official count between us was... so dad i know how you feel dont worry.  

secondly this week was a really happy week we had two baptisms. and a great service. wee filled the room with people i think we had 40 or 50 people there. it was one of those baptisms i really felt like we planned well. and all in all i felt good about it. You are one hundred percent right about what you said dad the mission is a lot more fun when youre getting wet. but we also dont do the service for the stars;) i think that has been something important to learn in the mission. the balance between matthew saying " go forth and baptize until the end" and pablo saying " i have come not to baptize but, preach the gospel. but it feels good to be a part of conversions.

if i were you dad this is after being out here for a tid bit i would show savy the verses in james chapter 2 where it talks about faith without works being dead... i have reflected on that a little out here. how much different would my sports career have been if i would have just had one focus im not saying i wouldnt have done about the same thing if i could do it again. but i do believe taht there is a lesson to be learned when you grind out a little hard work in the gym and savy if your going to beat me when i get home youre going to have to hit the gym and get shooting more;)

well this last week was really a good one for me. it seemed like a little bit of a break because no one was home and i have the sad feeling that he same could happen this week for new years. but we will keep working and hopefully start finding a little more this week! be safe and have a happy new year i love you lots you guys are the best!

oh and derek i memorized section 4 this week. i think it would be good if you learned the 10 attributes that a missionary needs they will help you alot if you can learn how the saviour and other prophets applied them in their lives. 


elder jenson

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