Monday, December 1, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

 this week was actually filled with some pretty good sleep and some great sadness. depression hit me two nights ago when the zone leaders called me and told me i didnt have changes. i was ecstatic. my comp and i were jumping up and down and we celebrated with the sister that lives in my house. then half an hour later president called me and told me that i would have changes and that i needed to pack up my stuff and head out the next day. i was so sad. until the next morning of course because then i just was ready for the chance i would have in the next area. so i got changed with an elder that is from colombia, whooo His name is Elder Henao

and he is a stud. he is about to hit a year in the mish. so if you had to pick an area to send elder jenson where would you send him.... based on my mission to another hill, but no even better i got sent to the airport area. i try not to get distracted to much by the low flying planes that pass by every five minutes. and it is a pretty sweet area, definitely better than my last few areas and its in the districto federal, so thats nice. im going to miss my hill so bad...

So p-day wednesday, and what do i do? well go to the zoo of course and it was a ball, i forgot my camara in the house when i came to write so you will have to forgive me, next week i will send about 20 pics and 4 or 5 videos. dont have wifi inthe house any more so i have to wait until monday. just kidding i found it. this email will be short cause im going to send pics. but im really happy hear. and super excited to work with my new comp. ok i lied again sorry the pics wouldnt upload... so lame next week promise lots if internet is fast.

love you all so much and i hope thhat you have a great week!

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