Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

well thanks for the update its always great to see how the family is doing. this week went really well. we had an investigator get baptized in another mission it was cool other than we couldnt go to the baptism. he was a great guy and  had a ton of progress. We will talk to him this wednesday. and he should let us know how his baptism went. what else can i tell  i went in divisions this week and had a ball with elder porter. he is my district leader. he´s a good elder. and we had a good time in his area. we also have a new investigator and she is awesome. we found her last week adn she has gone to church 2 times already. so right now we are looking at her as a really good prospect. we're hoping for three this week but we will see how it goes i will let you all know.

we also had a a stake fireside i guess you could call it. but it was great we got to listen to himnos and some recent converts told stories of Christ, it was really a great meeting, and this week we have the ward party.

glad to hear that you guys got a good new stake presidency. So hows your calling coming along.

right now things are going great im having a great time down here and cant wait to call in just  10 days. i was thinking in the afternoon at like 2 or 3 my time. but you guys willl have to let me know when you think would be a good time to for your schedule, and do you think cristian will be home for christmas? its going to be so great to talk to you all next week.!!!

This week we have been sharing messages about christ. one called el es la dadiva. you should look it up on youtube. it is such a great message  i really hope you can share it with someone .

hope you have a great week love you all tons and take care!

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