Monday, February 23, 2015

January 7, 2015

pedid y recibireis.  ja ja bueno  pues la semilla esta sembrado, ahora ella solamente necesita tener unos razones para quedarse en seminario. para aprender todo y hacerse su decision. pero estoy orgulloso que tuvo la fe para orar por una oportunidad de compartir el evangelio.

glad to hear life is good back at home and that oregon is going to win a national championship while im on my mission seems fitting. right now things a rea going great here tambien. some of our families that we were teaching have finally returned from vacations which is wonderful we are teaching one family of a single mom and her two dauters. the daughters are a little crazy like girl versions of jacob and Jaxon i feel its fitting since they have 9 and 11 years. but they are awesome! we went to the visitors center with them monday and taught about families forever and baptism.  they all said they would like to so its just a matter of time until they get dunked! tonight we will go to their house to watch a movie im  guessing th restauration. but we shall see. koli poki is an option . but they have seen me enough so im guessing the restauration

in other news new years was great! dont worry i got my resolutions set and im really looking forward to keeping them i hope you guys all put some good goals back home! i am realizing that goals are really important now in the mission more than ever we have a chance to have some really great things happen out here but we need to have goals and work to get em done! and i feel like our goals help us to live freely and act in stead of being acted upon.

changes were tuesday but i didnt have<> happy i get along really well with my companion right now and hope we can work well together one more cycle. or more if necesary. the ward is great where im at and another missionary just got home today! thats two in the last like 4 weeks . its nice because we have people that can help us wiht lessons. and contacting.

what else is new. i think that is about it la verdad.

have a great week and take care love you all tons and have a great week!

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