Monday, February 23, 2015

Jan 19, 2015

well thats some pretty cool stuff thats happening up there! i will tell you about my week first and then we will talk about other fun stuff.

so my week went great. we have been working hard and even though we arent baptizing 3000 people everytime we talk in public it has been great to have some good investigators. this week we got a new investiator named Gerson. He is a stud. he showed up last sunday at church and asked if i could help him with some english classes because he needs a higher level of english so that he can get a job because right now he is unemployed. i have learned not to get to optomistic when people ask for english classes and not about the church but we decided to give er a shot. so tuesday we had an engish lesson i just talked to him in english alittle to see where he was at. he was really humble about all of it and took every counsel i gave him very well. then at the end we had like 15 minutes until we needed to go so i asked him what he wanted to talk about. he responded "the church" turns out he contacted the sisters in the Visitors center becasue he felt like he needed to go and see what was happening in side then that same week he goes to church, is reading the book of mormon( hes finishing first nefi right now and reads with his wife everynight), and he is always in the lessons an really an active guy today i played soccer with him in the morning, he is 34 btw, plays like a boss, i was talking to him after we won the first two games and he told me that he played for  a professional soccer club down here in mexico like ten years ago really just a great guy and im really excited to keep teaching him.

other than that we have good ole Ana that is just basically a member now. just trying to work out some stuff at home before she gets baptized. so keep her in your prayers please. si Dios quiere she will be baptized this weekend!

other fun stuff my comp and i have been getting up at 6 :00 everyday fort the last month to do excercise. my goal for the new year was to get back in good enough shape to play college football. size isnt really a problem im about 180 right now . another goal i put for this year is not to miss a day with my journal until now im doing well. last year was kinda  an epic fail. but you were right i will want to remember these times and even though i remember a ton right now about my mission there are things i wish i could remember better so im doing my best to write notes to help me remember.

this week teaching wise we had lots of spiritual experiences and had people crying almost every day in lessons, im not saying it to brag but it was really really cool. and im starting to understand why you were thinking about being a marrige couselor after your mission. its really cool when you can feel exactly what you need to do to help someone a nd then you see that that was what they needed. i had a really good week and am pretty happy about how it all went!

now football stuff i really hope something works out and if i need to go to virginia great but i need to work before i head out there. so just keep me updated on whats happening and i will work to get into shape here.thanks for the updates on everything it makes life alot easier when i dont worry about what happens so much when i get home. 5 months to the end its coming to fast but its still enough time to get er done!

talk to you guys later i hope you have an awesome week ! love yall

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