Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

well thanks for the football up date. its good to know there are possiblities. and I kinda knew i would lose the scholarship when i chose the mission so im not to worried about it. im doing what i need to to get ready out here so im sure everything will work out. although seriously thinking about it it may be better to wait until spring semester to get on to a team. im not really that sure though cause im not there so if you will just keep me updated on whats happening that would be awesome!

right now im just loving my mission as usual. i have a new kid his name is elder pacheco. love the small fry. he is from merida yucatan. and we have gotten along really well in the two days we have been together. i will admit if i wouldnt  have been so excited to train i would have been really sad to see elder Henao go he was a really good companion and we worked well together.

other things that were fun from the week were, first, elder rodriguez from peru finished his mission thursday and so elder muñoz went with us for the weekend! it was out of control. we worked well and all but having three elders in the same house i had to keep my eyes peeled all of the time. we had some epic studies. since i have been working out earlier i have a little time to study before i work out so at 5 30 i was studying while waiting for the other two elders to get rollin and elder muñoz came and studied with me! it was the best nothing better than starting your morning with excersise and scriptures!

this week i had some really cool experiences with a new family were teaching. we taught the restauration and the brother had already read two chapters of the book of mormon before the lesson! i was so happy. i love when investigators follow through on there part it really helps the progress of our teaching. yesterday i saw gerson he is doing well he just needs to make up his mind on when he gets baptized. because he is really solid right now! Ana will probably get  married in 10 days and im really excited she is also doing everything so that she can get baptized and after her we are planning on baptizing her kids. the work is great down here. and now im just trying not to let the time go by too fast!

well glad to hear about all of your fun activities Cant wait to hear where derek goes on his mission! love you all so so much take care!

elder jenson

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