Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

glad to hear things are going great over there.  i wouldve baptized like 5 people if it wasnt for the law of chastity rule but thanks to a free marrige day  on the 28th we may have some luck getting over that rough spot! I have learned that its important that the people that i have taught have a vision of temple marriges when i teach commandments especially that one. it seems to have worked pretty well with them until now.

this week was a gooden i had a couple of really great lessons with gerson about tithing and fasting and the other was a baptism the sisters had saturday! i was really happy to see how he has responded to what we have taught. i also went running with him and my companion on saturday which led to a rough sunday becuase i got sick with a cold. that was really lame.

we found a new family to teach. it is an older couple that was a reference from some members from another ward. we taught the plan of salvation and it was awesome! im pretty sure it is my favorite lesson because the part about the atonement is great i shared some lyrics from a song named "wondering"by aron edson its a song that makes me reflect what myactions caused. you might like the song dad. but that family was really interested and we will go visit them  this sunday. im really excited!

funny part of the week. well this sunday in the closing prayer someone went running out of the room during the prayer. i didnt see who but right after the prayer i saw why. there was a giant poop on the ground next to one of the seats. it wasnt an intentional maldad because of the texture someone had an accident. it was soooo gross! maybe the grossest thing i have seen on my mission. if they would ahve just given me a heads up i could ahve tried locking pinkies so that nothing would ahve happened but what happened happened and it was disgusting.

Im having a good time down here and am happy with the progress that ihave seen in my area over the last few weeks. i hope you are all well! have a great valentines day1 love you all tons!

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