Monday, February 23, 2015

Jan 26, 2015

thats a pretty fun jury duty, yikes i couldnt do that. and attta boy cristian going for the long distance relationships jajaja thats awesome! im sure he´ll be fine but that is his exaltation ya know. so who knows maybe there will be an  expected marrige when i get homejajaja im sorry that is so funny i think i will respect the rule of waiting for the older brother to get married first when i get home! and this whole parenting thing not so sure about it... ok i guess im kinda sure about it cause i have been teaching alot of less actives lately about the family a proclamaiton to the world. it definately doesnt leave the whole parenting thing as an option. im glad to hear that you guys are doing work in the missionary department thats pretty cool!

this week was pretty good. we worked hard and had a bunch of lessons with recent converts which was good and i kept teaching english to Gerson. now im sure i will not be a teacher when i grow upbut i really am having a blast teaching him. i try not to laugh to much as he and my companion struggle with words that sound like swear words. but theyre good sports too so everything is good.

this week ana didnt get baptized were still trying to work out her spousal situation but she wants to  get baptized so its a matter of patience. by far the hardest attribute to obtain on the mission. after teaching the first lesson and them accepting i just wanna take em to the font, but its ok to teach them everything how i should.

right now in the plan of the area of mexico focuses alot on becoming autosufficient, tithing and fast offerings. i think its great cause they are starting to help the people here to see that they aren´t stuck how they are and that they can progress. its so wierd to see so many families living in the same house here and i think thats part of the plan is that the kids leave the house and build their own lives. on  the more personal level i am starting to get a better understanding of the importance of fasting. thats one of my goals for this year is to fast better. i have felt as though my whole mission i have fasted and some have been better than others accourding to necesity. but i want to grow from them more. spiritually not physically. im happy how i am right now and maybe losing a few pounds wouldnt hurt to much.;)

well other than that this week was good working out is going great 6 00 am monday through friday. good studies in the liahona and my comp and i get along really well. im trying not to get too comfy here but right now we  have a good routine and are working hard. thakns for the word of advice. i will try and stay away from snakes jaja even though in mexico they´re not called snakes;) hope you have a great week love ya tons. and i will talk to yall in a week!

elder jenson

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