Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

hmmm well the good guys cant always win... sorry to hear about jaxon but i hope he learned the lesson that if its not broken dont fix it... hospital explosion was not very close to my mission i dont think im pretty sure it was in the south of the city. but it sounded like a bad deal.

 this week was really good we had a ton of progress with our investigators. and we also had a really great notice from one of our investigators he got a job now were just hoping that he finds his answer about baptism just as easily. this week  we worked a bunch with returned missionaries and other members and it was really great. i love having the spirit there with members in the lessons. right now were hoping to get some marriges in two weeks because valentines day is free marrige day! but other than that were just working hard trying to convert those who we teach down here.

mom i think you would have been proud of my shopping today. we bought rice, beans, tuna, and canned vegetables. i think im finally going to take a break on hamburgers. other good news i have a gym in my area that opens at 6 and i got permission to go from president. so we shall see how chubby i return home. right now im about 180-183 its so sweet!

funny story the elder in our ward that leaves in 11 days got up to bear his testimony and it was really good and powerful until he quoted mosiah 1:39 you know. " behold  this is my work and my glory to bring to pas the immortality and eternal life of man." haha all of the elders and returned missionaries in the ward just started laughing. it was soo great! right now im just lovin the work in our ward our investigators have been progressing alot so i hope to have baptisms the next few weeks especially after the marriges the 14th.

best lesson of the week was either with Gerson when we talked about the word of wisdom and he told us he had been living it his whole life or the lesson with Mario and his wife, in the visitors center it was so spiritual and after talking to the wife for the first time. she wanted to go the the temple and get sealed to her family it was a great  lesson. the only downside is that they will leave for two weeks but im sure everything will go great!

so thats all for this week ahve a gooden!

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