Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

I will try and have a good day tomorrow it should be really busy so thats always a bonus. i feel like this week should be a better one. last week was good but i felt like we didnt acomplish much because of the hectic agenda that comes with training and going to training meetings. but all in all it was really good. we saw some really great things happen and im glad to have a companion with a little bit more new energy. its something i have missed over the past few months since all of my comps lately have had more than a year in the mission.

well not a whole bunch to write about right now cuz its only been like 4 days since i wrote the last time but i did get to watch the movie meet the mormons today in the morning  as a multi zone activity. the stories were pretty cool. my favorite was the navy football coach he had a great way of showing his priorities. then i was really glad to see his example. i felt like it  aplied to my life a little the female kick boxer from costa rica reminded me of mom getting up early and running if they make a sequal im submitting mom`s name. ultra marathon runner with 7 kids im sure that they would love it!

we had some good lessons and we have a new investigator named kimberly she is 19 and has one little girl.  she is awesome and just moved into our area. the sisters were teaching here before in another area in my zone. and she moved into my area i have a lesson with her on wednesday that im really excited about! also we found some other potential investigators with my companion.. ok i just was reminded of a classic experience. thursday was my first real day of work with my companion and so we had to contact. i contacted the first three people so he could get a feel for how we should present ourselves and how to ask for their information. so he knocks his first door ever and it was a grouchy old lady that didnt even open the door jajja he said " hola were missionaries frome the ch.." and she said"not interested" basically slammed the door. it was soo funny i felt bad for the poor kid. then i had a sweet day planned for his first day of real work. and what would you guess no one was home. so we walked all day. and contacted a ton but no one wanted to talk with us. so in the end of the day i took him out to eat some hamburgers and we just laughed i tried to tell him that sometimes we have to have days like that as missionaries. friday was much better every one was home and after the first person we taught, we contacted them the day before, he told me you know that one lesson was worth every minute of the bad day we had yesterday. i was really happy to hear his comment because it reminded me of my first few weeks with my trainer.

so what else is new. well were heading into march thats really cool i cant believe it and derek just wanna wish you a very happy birthday you are an awesome little brother. im having a good time out here if you didnt get that from the letter life is good in my area. i hope you have  a great week love yall tons!

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