Monday, June 15, 2015

March 2, 2015

alrighty well the work is going well over here. right now im just having a ball trying to get the ward members to work with us. so we talked to the elders quorum president and asked him for all of the less active elders or people that could become elders he seemed really pleased with what we were doing. and to be completely honest i have no idea how to animate ward mission leaders right now i have an awesome one. but what i think helps is, one their disposition to work. and two the work and progress he sees from the elders. generally speaking i have seen that even when i have lame mission leaders if im working my can off  they like to be part of the success because the look better in front of the ward members. but your example is the most important part. they will follow what you do and maybe even equal youre efforts. so i woul just suggest that you tell the sisters to work more in the wards where the mission leaders are dispuestos to work hard.
i love the quote "el que no vive para servir no sirve para vivir" we cant reall put it in action but we have to be in the service of god with all of our heart.

sorry to hear about sickenesses. im doing well right now a little worried about the next two months cuz they are the times of year when most elders get sick. but i hope i learned from bad experiences and can make wise choices for my child and I.

good news we have an investigator named kimberly who is doing really well and the others are doing well. just waiting small things to get baptized. im having a really good time in this area right now its nice. the biggest downer of the week was when one of the people we are teching told us that he wouldnt be continuing the talks with us because he didnt feel good leaving the virgin. i felt like we planted the seed well so hopefully in the future things will go better if he gets another chance to talk to the missionaries in the future

my week went well hope you all have a gooden!

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