Monday, June 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

well i tried this week but i got shut down a lot more so we focused on investigators and put a baptismal date it was awesome my child is growing up so fast right now im starting to let him take control of lessons and planning for our investigators he is doing a great job and other than answering deeper doctrinal topics he does really really well!

this week has been incredible for me it was a toughie because nobody wanted to talk with us in the street but we had a great time with investigators! I am really really pumped about my district this week they had a crazy experience and i got to help a little with what they were going through. i feel like ihave a lot of confidence with the elders in my district! they are working hard and im just loving my mission right now this is probably the most fun i have had in my whole mish.

this week we had interviews and i got a new recomend! i figure i only get one from my mission president so i had to take advantage! we had a great talk and he was really content with the way i was helping the elders in my district and liked my goals for them. i wish i could have had this vision my  whole mission its just a blast! my president also told me that i will have one more area before i finish the mission! so right after i call home for the last time i will be getting into my last area! how crazy well ihave a lesson in like 5 minutes so i have to go but I love you all so much!


Elder Jenson

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