Monday, June 15, 2015

March 16, 2015

Thanks for taking care of me, one of the hardest challenges i have had over the last few weeks is staying focused. every house i have been too has asked me about my time in the mission  and what my plans are after the mission. i tell everybody go to college and get married when im thirty jaja but  it is really nice to know what options i have when i get home. and i will say im super happy about dereks call but why did it have to come last saturday. jaja our president has been giving permision to all the missionaries to call home when family members get there call so of course i asked for permision to call and he said yep. but i guess its fine that he got it early to kill the suspense! and of course i cant wait to have spanish conversations at night with the little broski!!!!

great to hear about missionary efforts back home right now im loving working with the members in the ward. its really great to have some members that are focused on the work and it has made the last little while really enjoyable it would just be that much better if the people would just get baptized! gerson said he would be getting wet this weekend or the next i mean seariously he is in alma for pete's  sake! it more than time;) dad i dont know if you ever had to get someone to stop living together but if you have any tips i would gladly accept them!

so this weeks story of the week... i had house revisions and it was hilarious the guy that checked our house asked us if we had an x box in the house so i said yes but not the flat screen. its hard to see on our little dvd player. he told me he would see what he could do. also i had divisions this week and ate the biggest hamberger we could find. can i just start off saying the level of stupidity there is in buying a hamberger dispues de vomit the sunday before. i dont know what i was thinking but i ate rice, chicken and vegies for the rest of the week so that i could get better. derek word of advice if you get sick learn how to make good white rice it makes everything ok when you are sick! but seeing as you will be in the u.s. im sure you will have a little bit better higene as far as eating out goes. #lovemexicanstreetfood #mexicanstreetfoodhatesme the true meaning of a  love hate relationship.

well life is great over here! im closin in  on 180 but right now im probably about 175 after being sick for a week! so we'll see how everthing goes! love you all so much super proud of all of you for your accomplishments and dont die this weekend iin the 10k still dont know how mom pulled that one... oh and feliz aniversario que tengan muchos mas estoy super agradecido por esta decision. sin aquello decision no estaria aqui asi que gracias muchas muchas gracias.

elder jenson

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