Monday, June 15, 2015

May 13, 2015

MY new area is freaking awesome! and super close to my last area im in cuchilla estaca aragon. its so legit and my new comp is a stud his name is elder cruz. talk about taking your cross with you in all times. what else is new i live in a place you cant see on google maps but i will ask the land lord for the wifi so i can send you pics.

we worked so hard yesterday because no one was home when i got to this area, but we are now teaching a full family and i feel like they are ready to learn already. i found the skousen talk and im sending it to you guys.

one cool lesson we had yesterday was talking about how we can perserverar hasta el fin. and the man we were teaching who will get baptized in two weeks had a question about how he could perserverar hasta el fin. so he asked us what he had to do. so i thought about some of the talks i have read lately. one by john bytheway called war chapters int he book of mormon and especally for young men by boyd k packer. they are both marvellous talks. but anyway while discussing thoughts words and deeds in mosiah 4:30 i felt a sudden urge to read about when capitan moroni puts up the standard of liberty . and explain that that is how we can help ourselves to endure to the end. we must verify that our words thoughts and deeds need to be worthy enough to be in the precence of our good. in acuerdance with our religion or ethics, will permit us to maintain our freedom from any addiction, leave us with peace at the end of the day, and that it would show honor too our name and not offend wife or children. one of those moments when i dont know where it came from cause i had never discussed it with another companion but it just felt right the book of mormon is here to help us learn so many things and it is an amazing book!

well not much else to tell because i talked to you three days ago, but i love you all so much, not ready to go home yet, but i love you!

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