Monday, June 15, 2015

March 23, 2015

hmmm did you eat street tacos too? jaja right now i am having a much better week and i know p day definately shouldnt be the best story of the week but you have no idea how long it has been since i have played basket ball on a hard wood floor. this may have been one of my favorite p day activities. it was a blast like you  have no idea. i played all morning today and i could almost dunk but considering that the guy in the gym killed my legs this morning im pretty sure i could do it. well right now i feel great aobut my mission because Gerson will get baptized this week!!!! he was quite a process but im so so happy that he made the decision finally but we know that satan has to get a hand on everything and he got super sick last week. so the only thing that would keep him from getting dunked saturday would be the doctor not clearing him. hate that. but im really happy down here right now.

why do we have to have mexicans right now... i wish i could be there to talk to them it would be interesting to see how it is on the other side of the deal because i feel like the people here have a lot of patience right now.  help them out as much as you can right now  having a new missionary in the area is fun but sometimes its hard because they still are learning how to teach the gospel. so sometimes they say stuff that need a gentle correction. trust me these last few weeks have been so much fun but I forgot how hard it is when your companion knows just a little more of the doctrine than most of the people. but new missionaries have a great spirit. i feel like that raw testimony that they have is very powerful and helps lots of people see the sincerity of their testimony. even if it`s said with doctrine or vocabulary that the investigatores dont understand.

this week was a great week for teaching investigators but the numbers didnt quite say so. jaja its ok people arent statistics they are children of god and sometimes reaching goals is less important than helping people out. our investigator gerson got sick about like you dad i felt so bad for him, and so we went to visit him for a little while. he is a great guy and needed a little lifting of the spirit, so we went and talked with him about his life for a long while it was really a good important convesation. our other investigators are doing well, i am praying we baptize for the next two weeks and that should be what happens if everything keeps up how its going!

hmmm what else happened this week, well saturday someone vandilized the baptismal font so some of the other elders and i got the fun job of cleaning up for an hour during the relif society activity we had saturday. people that are inmature really frustrate me. and this week i got up to 178 i have been eating rice like a sumo over the last few days and it has payed off. jaja the guy in the gym is killing me. he made me do up downs and jup rope and ride the bike for the last 15 minutes every day. today i jumped rope 400 times my calves were dead... but im doing well loving my time!

hope you have a great week love you all so so so much!

and just so you know dad i get home the 20th of june...
and also nice move you pulled there to get out of running i mean im sure if you would have just thrown up the day before you could have gotten out of it, but hey you sold it well;) get feeling better!

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