Monday, June 15, 2015

April 6, 2015

alrighty so these last two weeks were absoulutely awesome. first off last weekend was gersons baptism and it was awesome! he seemed really happy with his decision, and he got  a job three days later. so right now we are pretty happy about how he is doing.  rest of that week was pretty  normal or maybe a little below average. but right now we are loving life! changes were last week and two of the elders in my district had changes. right now im district leader again and just trying to get tan outside with my kid. jaja

In the leaders meeting he invited us to talk to every one like he has done my whole mission and told us he wanted to se how many people we could contact in a week. my companion and I took it to heart. i have never talked to so many people in my life and now im just trying to get my district to buy into the talk to everyone you see program. because last week flew by just trying to get our goals and working.

One fun story was when i had to go and do an interview like friday and on the way there we contacted everyone in our wagon in the metro, i just looked at my companion and told him i would meet him in the middle he smiled and just said ok. love him he is so game to just work with me that probably why we get along pretty well. but yeah its just been like that all week just a talk to the whole city before i go home;)

So how about confrence it was freaking awesome!  i love love love confrence im pretty sure it converted all of the investigators that went we are planning to baptize in two weeks and the guy that went just loved priesthood session. my favorite talks were President packer and Elder ballard. but there were so many good talks that its just hard to choose. I loved the focus on the atonement and the resurection of Jesus, that was my focus all week when i talked to my district and basically anywhere i went to teach.

Yesterday morning, ok first off for the three days before sunday i had invited my whole district to read sections in the bible talking about the resurection and the atonement/ crucifiction of Jesus Christ. then sunday after asking the 4 companionships to evalute one of the 4 accounts of the resurection of Christ me meet for a breakfast/ testimony meeting. the spirit was so strong there and it almost broght me to tears to hear the powerful testimonies of our district. I know he lives and try and contemplate what he has done for  me. i think of all of my mistakes and its hard to understand sometimes how he has so much patience with me. and im the one who is supposed to be an example for the people i teach. but this time i have been out here has brought me lots of joy and understanding.

well i cant wait to here how your week went i love yall so much you cant imagine. and I liked to relflect on your plan dad not so much details but personal conversion. so many times as a leader in the mission i have tried to change the elders, but it helped me see that my job wasnt so much chew out t he elderes as much as help them get converted to what they need to be doing.  so thanks!

Love elder Jenson

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