Monday, June 15, 2015

April 20, 2015

Cristian wrote a great quote in the calandar you sent me that i have used many times in the past few weeks. i love how he said faith in god means faith in his timing. this was a fantastic week we only had a couple days of fun contacting but i loved what i learned from this week.

Wow what a week first off i cant tell you how glad i am that usa pulled through on wednesday. because i may or may not have put piƱa coladas on the game with my companion and Gerson. haha everyone gave me a hard time on thursday because of the win but its ok i have even contacted some people this week cause of it. secondly we got a less active sister to go to church after 9 years of inactivity. now were trying to get her mom to come back too. but honestly the work here is going well other than the investigator that we were going to baptize went out of town again. but we'll get him in the next couple weeks. haha

I had the opportunity to talk to an amazing family that by the natrual eye would seem like a family that is a little out of place in the sacrament meeting the brother never goes with a tie and they live with a bunch of people that drink and smoke. not the ideal croud. but this week when we ate with them they had some issues with one of the elders in my district. so after the food i stayed with my companion to try and smooth things over with the family. we had a 4 hour talk about the trials they had faced over the past two years after having lost their oldest son to a freak accident. he was a bout jacobs age when he passed and as they told us the experiences they had faced since his passing it hit me hard seeing the pain that they feel. i dont think i have ever cried as much as i did on thursday in my whole mission. but then they told me that they go to church so that they can feel peace and confort that one day they will see him again. when people share thoughts like that with me it helps me put this world into perspective.

ive really enjoyed the last few weeks and am looking forward to keeping things like they are or better for till the end derek our president sent us a letter about raising the bar its the talk that was used to raise missionary expectiations. i was going to send it to you but then i  remembered that its in spanish and it probably wouldnt help that much yet. but look up that talk it will help you prepare a little im sure you are doing a great job preparing love y'all so much! cant wait to talk in 3 weeks!

Elder Jenson

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