Monday, June 15, 2015

April 27, 2015

well the time that has passed out here has been just great i just am enjoying life and moreso because we will baptize on saturday! being a missionary is great but it is a ton more fun when you are bapitzing. we should get three dunked in the next few weeks! and then i will have changes so i guess i cant complain. i will be working with president this wednesday! and i really am excited i just hope it goes better than the last time and who am i kiddin i dont think it could go worse! we are hittin up all of our investigators this wednesday with him and i feel like the lessons will be very positive! tomorrow i will go in splits and all in all its going to be a busy week! but i wouldnt have it any other way!

now that im in the count down of weeks left each one passing quicker than the last. and part of it has to do with the fact that we are 4 elders in the same house! its a party but we seem to stay focused in the correct times and we all work hard! i spoke in church yesterday. and i was thinking do you think it would be a problem if I gave my homecoming talk in spanish? they do it in confrence and we should follow our liders right! jaja just kiddin. although if i dont have an american comp my next cycle my spanish might be more understandable than my english! oh derek we will have fun for the week and a half after i get home!

so what else is new right now. last week I went in divisions with the zl and we had a ball just contacted a ton of people and taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom in front of like 10 people with the starting question what does the church think about homosexuality. its wierd that its just a normal subject now i think when i started my mission that would have been really uncomfortable! but now its just normal. i saw meet the mormons like 4 times this week. i think i almost have it memorized after taking all of our investigators to the visitors center to watch it. sometimes i try and translate it to english in my head and imagine what the actual voice would be like. i guess i can wait till i get home to figure that all out!

well life is great out here we're going to eat cochinita in a bit with some members its the closest i get to sweet pork in mexico oh how i do miss cafe rio... thats such a strange thing to say seeing that im serving in mexico. but i miss it so badly. I do wish i could take derek for tacos but we'll have to do it when he gets home! but derek i will say you need to buy a torta when you get to mexico city just letting you know that you need to sneak out and buy a torta.. its like a sandwich...  in front of the temple you go to the visitors center like once a week so you should be able to do it once you just have to cross the street in front of the temple and buy a sandwich i get hawaiian. im saying this now so that you can remind me when i get back! ok !

love you all so much! have agreat week! and please dont see rent my room to people i will pay rent if i have to just let me find a job!

with love elder jenson

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