Monday, June 15, 2015

March 9, 2015

hmmm all i can say is people do crazy things for love... but i respect you! i wouldnt just go run 4 miles just for fun. ever... but if i had to speed walk 4 miles i'm pretty sure i would own it! jaja i will admit the speed walking abilities are pretty legit! and this week went so so well. other than sunday when i turned into a dragon but we`ll get there.

so like i said this week is going great. we finally got gerson to put his own baptismal date. first he tried to put june 20th but i said that was a lame goal cuz i wouldnt be there. so then he just laughed and said ok i was really thinking that the 21st or the 28th of march i will get baptized. i was soo happy! then we talked with the other investigator that we have her name is Ana and she is doing everything she can to get baptized but satan is fighting pretty hard its been really cool to see how she is progressing.

life is going great right now my companion is picking up on the routine of the mission a little more. Its fun to watch him get the hang of teaching lessons, planning and doing other missionary things. its funny to think that derek will be going throgh the same process in a few months. speaking of which when will that call get here??? i would love to hear where my little broski will go on the mission! ç

thanks for letting me know about the football stuff and school stuff. another question when would i start school?

and im sure you want to know how i converted into a dragon. well saturday night some members gave us some food and im pretty sure they didnt cook the meat the necesary time. so it was a little raw. i became more sure of that feeling when at about 12 30 in the morning i threw up every part of that taco i ate. it was horrible horrible horrible but it gets even better cause i went to church and told the bishop i would leave after the first hour. he said it was fine and right after the meeting leaving the front gate i threw up all over a tree in front of the church it was kinda funny looking back on the expèrience. jaja i gave half of the older members of the ward a scare when i just sat down next to my puke  it was kinda a fail.  so i got checked by one of the mission doctors and they gave me some drugs. and now im fine but it was a pretty funny moment for me!

so i hope you all have a great dont get sick because thats no fun haha love you all so so much !

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