Monday, June 15, 2015

May 18, 2015

alright alright alright alright... well here we are in the barrio de cuchilla de tesoro and we're just havin a marvelous memorial day.  today i played softball as a zone. it was really fun ha reminded me when we played baseball in the backyard jaja so what else can we talk to you abuot this wonderful day. oh yes of course the last week that we had... sorry to write in this form but i kinda feel like im answering my last email..;P

ok well best news goes first we had a baptism!!!!!!!! i love baptisms not so much when no one else shows up on time not even the bishop but thats mexico for ya! but it was a great experience!!!! companion baptized for the first time and he seemed pretty content in the night when we got home!

what else can i tell you hmm well the lady that rents us the house is awesome! she is like grandma just a little more rude its so funny when we get home at night she chews me out if i get home after nine and we always fight about how she needs to get bapized. i mean she had it coming when teh first day she said she is catholic to the bone. i laughed and asked her when the last time she went to misa was.. i think it was a few years ago in someones baptism. but all the joking aside we have had some good lessons with her. right now we are trying to help her to stop inhailing poison so she can se her grand children longer in this life as in the next one too.!

rainy season is starting down here so you know what that means? no more showers in the morning!!!!!! the rain takes care of it just need to bring my head and shoulders with me!!! cant wait for the thunder storms they are pretty sweet not quite as good as when i lived in kanab but they are entertaining!

hmmm well that was basically my week i hope that you guys had a gooden and are enjoying your day of from stress except for you mom you still have your task of beating all small children jaxon and jordan especially ! de les unas chancladas de parte de mi!!!!!! well peace out cub scouts, boy scouts and non scouts!!!

elder jenson

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